• Dumplings are humble and homey. They make people smile. I have loved them since childhood, and this site focuses on cooking and finding the tastiest morsels. It's also the companion to my cookbook, Asian Dumplings.

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Carolyn Jung

After trying your homemade dumplings WITH homemade wrappers, I will definitely have to attempt making my own from scratch sometime soon. Like others out there, I, too, nervously giggled when you said, "Oh, Carolyn, you can do this; it's sooo easy.'' OK, Andrea, keep telling me that...hah....I'll get there yet.

Andrea Nguyen

Carolyn, just like the song goes, "I'll take you there."


Andrea, do you know how to make xiaolongbao wrappers? The texture is different than dumpling wrappers that you showed above. Thanks.


Would this work for gyoza wrappers too. I just made mine last Saturday and was not too happy with it. The edges were hard to crimp because they were too thick.

Andrea Nguyen

Hi JL and Veron,

This is a basic rolling technique for Asian dumpling wrappers. You can apply to different dough -- so definitely for xiaolongbao and gyoza. Xiaolongbao dough is a tad softer and the wrapper thinner, of course. As for gyoza -- it's just a different filling! Check Asian Dumplings for the xiaolongbao and gyoza recipes and you'll see what I mean.

Great questions.

Just a Plane Ride Away

Thank you for this video! I started to make my own wrappers a few years ago and now I see why they were always lopsided ;-)

This is such a great blog... and I look forward to getting your book!

Andrea Nguyen

You're very welcome, Just a Plane Ride Away. I used to suffer the same problem as you. No more lopsided wrappers for both of us!


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