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Christine, RN, BSN

Interesting post. I actually enjoy the Thai Gyoza Vegetable. I agree, the relevance of "thai" and "dumpling" do not really go hand in hand. I suggest you email TJ and see what they say!

Andrea Nguyen

Thanks for your thoughts, Christine. The Thai gyoza have many good things going for them. It's odd but the first one tasted good and the subsequent dumplings had a slight bitter finish. You wouldn't happen to have experienced that ever, huh?

Do other folks think that I should email TJ? If yes, aside from the Thai gyoza connection, are there other questions you'd like answers to?


We eat the Thai gyoza shrimp dumplings regularly, and we add the TJ's Black Pepper sauce to the white vinegar and La Yu chili oil for dipping—and sometimes cilantro, which there can never be enough of.

I prefer the pan-fried to steaming, though I've tried both. (Steaming is quicker and tidier, to put it mildly.)

Good work.

Andrea Nguyen

Tana, great tip on your dipping sauce. Try a few fine shreds of fresh ginger in your sauce sometimes too!

The way that the Thai gyozas are manufactured with the browned bottoms, they're destined for pan-frying.

Mrs. L

We buy dumplings/potstickers/Goyza from Trader Joes but it's not their brand. I don't think I've noticed the TJ brand before so I'll have to pay more attention and do some taste testing! Thanks for the heads up.

Andrea Nguyen

Check it out, Mrs. L and share your thoughts. The taste testing is the fun part!! I'd love to get your insights.


My daughter is hooked on all variations of asian dumplings right now, and I just bought my first bags of pork and chicken gyoza at TJ's. Haven't tasted them myself yet, but both were a hit in her lunchbox this week. I have always liked the Ling Ling chicken potstickers as well -- I boil or steam and then panfry until crispy. A friend sent me a link to this site when I posted about dumplings on my blog, and I'm excited to find it. Learning to make homemade jiaozi is one of my resolutions for this year, and the year is nearly half gone!

Andrea Nguyen

Hi Lee -- Thanks for your thoughts on Ling Ling and TJ. Great to know that those products are well received by your daughter! You will be able to make your resolution this year. I promise.


I never buy the frozen dumplings anywhere (even Chinatown) as I have been universally disappointed. This one one of the (many) reasons I am looking forward to your book!

My best success with samosas - for one who has an honest to god fear of frying - is to make little baked hand pies with the samosa filling instead. It's very tasty, and with a good chutney is almost as good. Sure you don't get that satisfying crunch, but one isn't exposed to undercooked greasy stodge that way either. Some day I'll learn to fry, and then I can venture out into real samosa land.


Andrea, I've tried all the items that you list above, because of my constant shopping at Trader Joe's. I agree that the Thai veggie dumplings are slightly bitter. Moreover, it's hard to eat them because they fall apart even as they are cooking. I had this same problem with Trader Joe's pierogies- the falling apart thing. Aside from falling apart, though, I felt like they had a lot of "healthy" flavor.

I actually like the plain old $2.99 chicken gyoza that Trader Joe's sells at half the price. They offer nothing spectacular but they do offer something reliable and basic. Also, they do not fall apart. I could taste little difference between the pork and chicken dumplings and feel less weird eating chicken, so I usually get those.

My dipping sauce is also homemade with rice vinegar, white vinegar, chinese black vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, sugar, and either chilies or chile oil. I usually make a bunch of sauce and then store it as I eat more dumplings.

The shiu mai were a bit dense and rubbery, but okay. I did not dare try the edamame shiu mai because it didn't seem right to me, but for real edamame fans they might be a good option.


I'm not a fan of Ling Ling dumplings; frozen chicken potstickers generally seem too bland to me, as do chicken egg rolls. But I've tried JFC's frozen pork potstickers and shrimp shu mai, and they steam up very nicely. I make my own soy-vinegar sauce with cilantro and minced scallions. What I'd really like to find are some decent frozen char siu steamed buns. Any suggestions?

Phillip Johnson

In April we were in the Denver, CO area and obtained some frozen dumplings from Whole Foods there called Sisters Pantry brand. It is made in the Boulder or Lyons CO and there were 3 types-pork, chicken and vegetable. These were really good and they come with a small package of their own sauce which is a lime-cilantro soy vinagrette. The dumplings are frozen but not precooked. We brought some dumplings back to CT with us but they don't ship them because it is so expensive-they have to be packed with dry ice and shipped overnight. They do ship their 2 sauces which includes a spicy peanut sauce. Do you know of these products? Several CO Whole Foods carry them.

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I love the Thai Shrimp Gyoza. I usually pair these with Pacific cashew, carrot, & ginger soup for a quick & easy meal.


I really like the Thai Shrimp Gyoza and the Chicken Gyoza. I'm sure it is a very main-stream flavor to say that I like the Trader Joe's Gyoza Dipping sauce also. I've had to move to a slick food diet, foods that easy to swallow and chew. As a foodie at heart and now having to modify my food choices, I have to give these a thumbs up for taste and quick cooking. I like to pan fry them and let them get nice and steamy by ignoring them for a good 15 minutes after they are done, left in their own steam.

Thanks for the great dumpling site!

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I like the Tang's Natural Whole Wheat Dumplings from Whole Foods Market. These precooked dumplings are so unique as they are made with whole wheat dough, and inside are filled with Bell & Evans natural chicken, very tasty. The vegan one is also not bad.

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