• Dumplings are humble and homey. They make people smile. I have loved them since childhood, and this site focuses on cooking and finding the tastiest morsels. It's also the companion to my cookbook, Asian Dumplings.

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Let's Cook and Eat!

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Tangled Noodle

These little half-moon shapes are lovely! I've never tasted Hue dumplings before and although I've had mung bean filling, it's usually sweetened. What a delicious way to celebrate the release of Asian Dumplings. I can't wait to discover more gems in it!


Banh bot loc is one of my favorites! My mom makes these with a shrimp filling. She also tosses the steamed dumplings in scallion oil before serving and we douse with nuoc cham. When my husband and I were in Hue, they came stuffed with a shrimp/pork mixture, including shrimp shells, and served on individual banana leaves. Your version looks very elegant!

Congratulations on the book-- I can't wait to check it out.

Andrea Nguyen

The thing that's kinda neat is that a similar filling is used for a Viet sweet dumpling in which the skin is made of sticky rice. Called banh troi nuoc, the dumplings are poached and then simmered briefly in ginger syrup. Look for that recipe in Asian Dumplings in the "Sweet Treasures" chapter.

Kim -- this isn't quite banh bot loc. The version I have in Asian Dumplings is what you're thinking of, filled with pork and shrimp but it's not in the banana leaf wrapper. They're poached as half-moons -- a naked version, and served with the garnishes. Lordy, I'm hungry!

Jason Byler

I was so looking forward to getting your book as I love making dumplings. I went to Borders in Wichita, KS during my lunch break, only to be sent home empty-handed. They said they had received one copy and it was not to be found anywhere. I was so disappointed. Oh, well. I will order from Amazon. I'm still eager to get a copy. Thanks for your effort.

Andrea Nguyen

Jason, that is awful!!! I'm so very sorry. AARGH! Thanks for ordering the book. I look forward to your becoming the Dumpling King of Kansas!


Gosh this looks good, I haven't heard of it before.

My mum makes my favourite, Banh Beo, is it hard to make?


Andrea Nguyen

Thang, banh beo are not hard to make at all. I have a recipe for them in Into the Vietnamese Kitchen (Ten Speed Press, 2006). It does require time but once made, they can sit for a few hours at room temperature!

John Nguyen

Mine didn't come out as pretty as yours...and it was slightly gummy and chewy... it was more off yellow, grayish, and somewhat translucent...my mom suggested that i use more tapioca starch to get that bright white look..is that true? They tasted great, just not as pretty...also...should the circles be 1/4 in thick? that seemed to thick, or did i just read it wrong?

Andrea Nguyen

John -- the tapioca gives translucency and the rice flour gives the bright whiteness. Did you weigh the flour? That helps me a lot to stay on my game. And, you used regular rice flour -- not glutinous (bot gao nep)-- right? The wrapper should not be as thick as 1/4 inch -- you initially press it into a disk that thick. Then you press it again to a thin wrapper about 1/8 inch thick. The initial pressing gets you started in forming a nice round shape. But hey, this was your first time!!! Congratulations. Maybe try it again when the dust has settled?


You have a very impressive resume. I guess I'll have to buy your book and see if I can make anything that actually tastes good! Anyway, thanks for the very informative material on your website, and especially for the recipes.

Andrea Nguyen

Richard -- give my books a whirl. Tens of thousands of other cooks have! I'm sure you'll make some fabulous food.


I am making these this weekend. I just came back from hue and enjoyed the food so much. I have never seen mung beans as a filling, however. Charlie phan my be mixing his heritages... but that type of "fusion" is my favorite!

I am also thinking about banh bot loc. My problem is with the tapioca.

I want to make an even paste (no lumps). I will sift it, but are their any other techniques to getting the dough just right? I have been watching vietnamese youtube videos where they make one dough, boil it, cut it up and mix it with more fresh dough. What are your thoughts?


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My attempt at making the dough failed. The minute I put the filling on the dough, any amount of moisture disintegrates. I followed the recipe carefully and even weighed the tapioca and rice powder in ounces. Any clue how I may rectify the dough and continue with my second batch?

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