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Rasa Malaysia

Yes, they are great. Called "沙翁" in Cantonese. The best ones are served at Koi Palace in Daly City, San Francisco. The malassadas I had in Hawaii are pretty much the Chinese version of malassadas.

Andrea Nguyen

Fantastic Bee. I just looked up the characters and also found the longer name for the puffs. But who needs to go Koi Palace or Shanghai Dumpling King when you can now make them yourself! Bet you can do it better than them.

What are malassadas?


The ones we had at Koi Palace were a revelation. Very nice, though different in texture from the Hawaiian-Portuguese malasadas.

Thanks for posting the recipe. I hope we get to try it out soon!

Andrea Nguyen

So where can I find one of these malasadas in NorCal? Nate, you're killing me here with curiosity!

Rasa Malaysia

This is malassadas - http://rasamalaysia.com/malasada-malassada/

They are denser than 沙翁, well, the ones I tried in Hawaii, but I think it's same theory different execution.

Koi Palace's 沙翁 is exquisite. You have to try them out. Koi Palace is probably the best Cantonese / Chinese restaurant in the USA!

Andrea Nguyen

Ah, malassada is leavened with yeast and has more fat in the dough. Looks more like a filled doughnut. Chinese egg puffs are made of pate a choux type pastry dough/batter. That's why they're ethereal tasting.

Bee and Nate -- is Koi Palace paying you? Just kidding. Their dim sum is good but the times I've been there the service and food has been uneven. Head to Vancouver, my friends.

Rasa Malaysia

Andrea, I have no clue in baking, and you have all your facts straight! If I really had to choose between malassadas and 沙翁, I would choose the latter because as you said, they are ethereal tasting.

Andrea Nguyen

Bee, no problema. It would be kinda fun to figure out malassadas. I'll put it on my to do list for when I get back from Australia. Thanks for pointing them out to me!! :-)


Koi Palace used to be excellent, but they're living on their reputation of the past. Last time we were there, we waited for an hour and a half to get seated. The dim sum was so-so, and spotty (the egg dumplings were one of the highlights). I think Dynasty Restaurant on Story and McLaughlin in San Jose is better and more consistent in quality.

As for malasada, you can get them anytime at Portuguese Bakery on El Camino in Santa Clara. You can also find them at other Portuguese bakeries in San Jose the week before Ash Wednesday.

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I agree...Koi Garden and Koi Palace versions are awesome...am tempted to make them but as my husbands says perhaps we "leave it to the experts."

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Wes Chang

Thank you for the Sa Yung recipe! I have been looking for this for years! My Grandfather would treat me to one of these (he called them Ja Dan or fried eggs) during our visits to chinese restaurants in San Francisco. However, I moved to Hawaii, and never saw them again. The restaurants used to make them very big; about a softball size with one per order.

Malasadas are not the same; they are portugese yeast doughnuts that are deepfried, and rolled in sugar. The inside is not hollow.


Hi Andrea, try out the egg puffs in Cooking Papa in Santa Clara on Homestead. So delicious and eggy tasting!


Also, they make it to order so it always arrives to your table piping hot!

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Jeremy Hunter

You're my hero! We had these over the summer and I can stop thinking about them. Shanghai Dumpling King is by far the best dumpling place we've been to...and that includes a comprehensive search of all the great LA dumpling spots. These Sugar Egg Puffs are truly the best!

Can't wait to make them!

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