• Dumplings are humble and homey. They make people smile. I have loved them since childhood, and this site focuses on cooking and finding the tastiest morsels. It's also the companion to my cookbook, Asian Dumplings.

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Let's Cook and Eat!

Let's Cook and Eat!

Let's Cook and Eat!

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As soon as I saw the title, I thought of Fuchsia Dunlop's book - this recipe looks tremendous - its been on the back burner for me to make. Unfortunately, we're in the process of moving and all my cooking equipment is in boxes around me. Ah, so close, yet so far away.


Oh.. this dish is simply called Babi Hong (babi=pork hong=red) by the Chinese ethnic in Indonesia. I love pork belly. If the meat is less expensive, I would cook all sorts of dishes with pork belly every week :-)

Andrea Nguyen

Oyster Culture -- you've got all winter to make pork belly after unpacking. It's a nice little dish, and the cool thing is that once made, you can freeze chunks of it to eat over a long period of time.

Tuty -- thanks for the Indonesian take. Greatly appreciate it.


This is probably a really dumb question, but: when you say you like to leave the skin on for texture ... does that mean that you can eat the skin?


@Krista: Yes, you can eat pork skin, and it's delicious. When I buy pork belly, I usually cut it into strips and gently pan-fry it in its own fat until crispy. The Momofuku cookbook has complicated instructions for making your own chicharones, or fried pork rinds - yes, like the ones you can buy at the grocery store. He says to take all the fat off before you fry them, but the ones I get locally in San Antonio, TX, always have a bit of fat left on them, which I'm sure reduces shelf life but increases deliciousness.

Andrea Nguyen

@Thebarkingdog -- Thanks for responding to @Krista. Indeed, eat the skin. It provides texture to the sauce as there's collagen in the skin. Additionally, the skin offers textural contrast to the fat and the meat. A double whammy!


I made this last night - it was great! Thanks for the recipe. I think letting it brown slightly at step three before adding the water would have been a nice addition, but either way it is a great dish, skin and all!


@Thebarkingdog Where do you buy pork bellies in San Antonio? Bolner's said they have them frozen. Anywhere else have them fresh?

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Made this tonight, but I think I used far too much water and the flavor wasn't too strong and they didn't really turn a nice mahogany. The pork was nicely cooked though...next time

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The food looks delicious but I couldn't eat it with chopsticks for sure. I never can.

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