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Have I died and gone to heaven? This sounds amazing!


So pretty. Is it hard to avoid getting chocolatey fingerprints on the mochi?

Andrea Nguyen

Lou Anne -- these truffles are quite amazing.

Eve -- keep the chocolate on the chilled side and you won't have to worry about fingerprints. Good question!


Thanks for posting the recipe. I have to try this out!

What does the mochi taste like. I have tried making mochi before and they turn out ok, but texturally not as good as store bought fresh mochi. I tried making mochi with the Thai glutinous rice, with mochiko, and have tried using different combinations of both, but have never mastered it to my liking. I found ones made with mochiko to be tougher/chewier.

Have you found that to be the case?

By the way, I absolutely love your Asian Dumplings book. I ordered it last week and can't wait to try the recipes.

Nate @ House of Annie.com

Neat! I wanna try making this.

Can you develop instructions on making the mochi in the microwave?

Tuty @Scentofspice

Thanks for sharing this, A. BTW, what did you do with the leftover cooked dough? I hate to waste.

Andrea Nguyen

@Sabrina: Thanks!

@Nate: The microwave oven method results in unevenly cooked mochi. I'm not a microwave oven user except for the occasional reheating of rice. The oven sits in my garage.

@Tuty: I cut the circles relatively close to each other. The remaining dough can be patched together for another round but can be rather Frankenstein-ish. The alternative is to cook the batter in a saucepan but it is SUPER hard to tame. Choose your poison.

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that looks so very delicious..


This recipe sounded great, and I had to try it. The ganache filling came out perfect. But the mochi was extremely sticky, and I could not remove the parchment paper at all. I tried steaming the second pan longer, but still the same result. Perhaps I need to add more rice flour or steam even longer. Even after completely cooled, it was still sticky. Suggestions?

I noticed in your photo that you used plastic wrap instead of parchment paper. Would that make a difference?

Andrea Nguyen

Kevin -- This is sticky, tricky stuff. I used parchment no plastic. Did you spray the pan with cooking spray? Do that, line the pan with parchment, then spray the parchment too.

It's sticky, which is why you need lotsa tapioca starch on your work surface.

Glad that ganache turned out for you. I love that stuff!


Thanks, Andrea. I tried again, and they turned out great!
One other question, have you tried other flavorings such as Frangelico or Kahlua? I love hazelnut and coffee flavors in my truffles and candy.

Andrea Nguyen

Yay!!! Congrats. I'm typing this with a bit mochi smile.

I've not tried the ganache with liquor but why not? Look for a gianduja (hazelnut) truffle like this one from Ina Garten:



How come the store bought mochi stays fresh and soft longer than the homemade one? Mine stayed soft for only two days - not refrigerated and one day in the refrigerator. Is there a missing ingredient or any step that I missed?


Andrea Nguyen

Upsorn: I'm not sure but wonder if there's some corn syrup in the commercial dough? Look at the ingredient listing. It's not natural for mochi to sit around for long without hardening.


You are a genius. I used corn syrup instead of sugar and the result is what I’m looking for. My Mochis are now three days old and there is no sign of them getting harden. I’m not going to eat them. This is just a pure experiment. I didn’t refrigerate them though, do you think this is why they stay soft? I’m going to make another batch tonight. This time I will put some in the refrigerator once they are completely cool. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again.



my red bean past mochi say they have maltose, sugar,glutenous rice , starch, palm oil, red bean past and flavor. :) Im thinking its the palm oil in these that keep them soft. Upsorn did you swap out one for one with the corn surup? I only have the small steamer that sits on my rice maker. is there a kitchen hack for this? Meaning to make tamales i dont have to own a huge steamer I can use my canning pot and my metal strainer. Can I sub somthing like that with these? a pan of watter in the oven maybe? thanks!

Andrea Nguyen

Redring: I think you can do the canning pot but keep the heat medium-low and the lid partially off the pot. Upsorn may have subbed the corn syrup for the water. That's a lot of corn syrup. Maybe use 1/4 cup of syrup plus 2 cups water.


Thanks you! cant wait to make these!

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Sorry for the late reply and any confusion in my last post. I used 1 teaspoon (plus or minus) per one cup of flour. Also I used less sugar than the recipe calls for to compensate the corn syrup. I didn’t make the second batch like I said. Let me get back to this and I will tell you what I do and how long it keeps. Instead of using a rectangle pan to steam the dough, I use 12-cup cupcake pan. This way I don't have to roll out and cut it. I sprayed each individual cup and dusted with rice flour. This method is just a lazy and cheap girl invention nothing fancy. I used what I have at the time. For the person that doesn’t have the big steamer, I will wreck my brain and come up with something for you later.

Feel free to try this and please share your result with us if you don’t mind. Isn’t making Mochi so much fun?

Thanks Andrea for starting this chat.

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This looks like a really great recipe. I'll have to try it!


In Japan I had Mochi covered ice-cream. From a vending machine no less!! It was amazing! I am a mochi-hollic and I can't wait to try these chocolate mochi.

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