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Let's Cook and Eat!

Let's Cook and Eat!

Let's Cook and Eat!

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Kecap Manis "BANGO" has been around for decades.... it's a staple at my parents' house. The more recent "ABC" brand kecap manis (they have medium sweetness too) isn't bad at all. It is more readily available than the BANGO brand. Can't live without this sauce :-)

Carolyn Jung

My gawd, I didn't even know they sold this at TJ's! The things that can be found there never cease to amaze me.

Andrea Nguyen

Tuty,what do you think of the kecap with the man and his shoulder pole on the label? I think ABC is made by Heinz.

Carolyn, it's indeed remarkable what Trader Joe's offers these days.


Thanks for sharing - I had a lot of fun reading yoru review. One more reason I love TJ's.

Mrs. L

Thanks for posting this. I'll have to look for it next time I'm at TJ's. Though I would like to learn to make my own Char Sui, this is a great idea in the meantime.

Andrea Nguyen

Mrs. L, try out the TJ, then make your own to taste the difference. I have a fantastic recipe in the upcoming Asian Dumplings cookbook, and if you have Into the Vietnamese Kitchen, it's in there too.

Georgia Horne-Agajanian

I use TJ's bbq pork in my chinese dishes. Using a hot rich chicken broth I add slice bbq pork, pea pods, mushroom, baby bok choy,green onions, bit of oyster sauce and 2 T sesame oil. Add my noodles and ONLY cook till noodles tender. Daughter likes to put all her veg in bowl and pour hot broth over them so they are crispy. The seasoned pork makes this delicious.

Andrea Nguyen

Thanks for sharing the tip. Love it, Georgia!


I think it must depend on where your TJ's is located -- like grocery chains, not all the stores carry the same items. The closest Trader Joe's to me is further out into the suburbs in Orland Park, IL, 45 minutes away and not on my way to anything -- or I can drive 45 minutes to an hour to the north side of Chicago. I haven't seen the pork at the store in Orland Park yet.

A. Mason

Trader Joe's has discontinued the pork. Does anyone know who the vendor is and where I can get it. I asked TJ and they were not helpful. Thanks for any help.

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