• Dumplings are humble and homey. They make people smile. I have loved them since childhood, and this site focuses on cooking and finding the tastiest morsels. It's also the companion to my cookbook, Asian Dumplings.

    Andrea Nguyen
    Author & Teacher

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Very nice article, Andrea! I have ordered the book and can't wait to get our hands on it!


You're the best! I can finally make the Asian the foods that I crave for. I always wished that I had paid more attention the way it is made while growing up. Everything I have made from your book has come out exactly as I remember. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Andrea Nguyen

Marilou -- Thank you! I know that I've done my job when cooks like you validate the recipes.


I think your off white bao looks better. And I'll tell you why. My eyes have decieved me many times when I see the big white puffy bao and I would bite into it and find myself disappointed because the dough would taste like chalk to me. Over many years of being tricked, I look for the homemade-looking version because it just taste better.

Darlyne Greene

I just bought your book and read it cover to cover - it is the best asian dumpling book on the market! I had a question - could I make the steamed bun dough in my bread machine on dough cycle? It would be so great if I could.
Thanks again for a great cookbook!

Andrea Nguyen

Thuy -- Totally agree with you. But some folks like Wonder Bread. I used to when I was a kid!

Darlyne -- I don't know. I suppose you could. You don't want to over knead this dough so if there's a way to control the time, I think it may work. Would you report back?

Hanne Blank

I agree 100% about your fa mian recommendations and am so glad to see them in print! If only I had had your recipe 10 years ago... when I started to learn Chinese cookery I followed a lot of bad bao dough recipes and made a lot of sad bao.

Eventually I started experimenting on my own. I have since made fa mian with everything from stone-ground whole wheat flour (chewy and nutty but slow to rise and makes weird bao!) to White Lily self-rising biscuit flour (surprisingly successful, very white, and the Cantonese part of my family loves it). But the version I ended up sticking with is a lot like yours, just AP flour and quick-acting yeast. Simple and straightforward. And makes *great* sesame-scallion bread, too.


those costco bau pleats look unnervingly regular...those weren't made by human fingers, I bet.

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You seem to have got the niche from the root, Awesome work


The omni boas were probably made by machine. They now have machines that can make dumplings, bao and mooncakes, hence, the perfect pleats.

Where where these machines when we needed them =)

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Tracy Tran

Hi Andrea,
Thank you for sharing your experieces with the world. I enjoyed reading your colums.
Here are the tool to get equally perfect Baos that I bought from Vietnam for about 2-3 USD. Some of the Chinese/Vietnamese markets in Little Saigon/CA sell them now – But, I still like the old fashion way! My kids use say: “Mommy’s Baos”


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They are very thick, but I believe that they are tasty!

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Bob Klenk

i fell in love with dumplings about a year ago in shanghai, where you have them even for breakfast. recently in london i made the plan to make them at home. finding the right recipe wasn't easy but yours caught my eye instantly. the dumplings came out gorgeously, the fluffy texture and the sweet taste where there just as i hoped for it. the filling, taken from your la-times recipe, chicken shitake, was amazing. thanks for making our new years eve dinner such a success. happy new year! bob, zurich, switzerland.

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