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Plays With Food

White Lily flour is available by mail order from the internet - just Google it!

Nate @ House of Annie

So *that's* what Hong Kong flour is for. I've seen it in the local baking supply store here in Kuching and wondered what do they use it for. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I think that, growing up with mostly white bao, I'm trained to think that this color and flavor are the norm. I just haven't seen "natural" colored bao around, unless I've made it myself. And then the color throws me off, affecting my idea of the bao's taste.

I should expand my horizons more.


In my experience super-white, Hong Kong-style bao wrappers are also 'fluffier' or lighter -- not as much substance or chew. Andrea -- Have you found the same relationship between wrapper color and texture? My personal preference is to be able to really taste the wheat and that the wrapper have a good sturdy mouthfeel (without being tough), so Hong Kong-style bao are not my favorite. Give me one of those peasant-y rustic bao anytime!

Andrea Nguyen

Plays with Food -- Thanks for the tip on buying White Lily by mail order. A few years ago, the company stopped distributing west of the Mississippi.

Nate -- You're smack in the middle of all that crazy Asian flour. Enjoy the unnatural beauty of snowy white buns.

Robyn -- Yep, the buns in Hong Kong are HK style -- super white, fluffy and sweet. You barely need teeth to enjoy them. Kinda nice for older people or babies, huh? I'm like you -- a peasant who wants a little chew.

Ann Nguyen

I wonder what is the long term health impact that all of these bleach on food do to one body? Probably not a good thing, just like most chemical. I also have noticed the same trend in rice paper now a day as well. You can purchased a super bleach out rice paper, probably that was made from all bleach out flour as well, and they are really white.

Andrea Nguyen

Ann -- I can only imagine that the long-term effect of eating bleached food isn't great. But you have to eat A LOT of it. Our bodies are resilient machines but exposure to too much of anything in a concentrated period of time -- like too much celery, for example, can be toxic. Ew -- super bleached out rice paper? What is next???

Thuy H

I think the vinegar does help with my bao. If I don't add it, the color is slightly off. It could be my imagination but I have grown up to add a tbsp of vinegar to the water when I steam.

I think the homemade, not so white, bao taste better because I have been tricked before and seduced by that unnaturally white color. I always end up disappointed in the taste.

Andrea Nguyen

Thuy -- it's funny that you used the term 'tricked' as it does often seem like someone says, "Hey -- you can't make X taste right unless you do X. Here's the top secret..." On the other hand, it's nice to be seduced once in a while!

The super white Hong Kong style bao have a certain kid-like cotton candy quality. Who doesn't like that on occasion? For me, on a regular basis, I'd rather have more flavor than less color.


Intriguing! I actually thought that the vinegar in the steaming water was to neutralise the ammonia released by the ammonium bicarbonate that some Hongkong bau dough recipes call for - too much alkalinity makes the dough beige-ish. So I reasoned that the acidic fumes helped to keep the outside of the dough white. Haven't tested it empirically though.

Andrea Nguyen

Chris -- when I've made bao dough with baking soda, it turns the dough beige and makes it taste metallic. So in using baking powder and yeast, the dough works like a charm with no color change. The use of vinegar with ammonium bicarbonate that's often used in Asia as leavening may give rise to the need for vinegar. Here in the U.S., we don't have ammonium bicarbonate as a commonplace leavening. Perhaps that's why it's not worked? When I made bao dough w/ AB, I didn't use vinegar and the resulting dough was beigy. Oye.

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Frances Edith del Prado

Hi I tried different recipes of Bao from the Internet (Chinese recipes) I copies about a dozen of them and tried about 3 to 5 of these recipes using the char siew fillings. My first try was an ordinary all purpose flour when done and steamed, the color was beige, not as fluffy as I want it to be etc I was disappointed. So I bought white flour from a Chinese store called "White Bun Flour" and used another recipe the Hongkong style, one of the ingredients 2 tsp of ammonium bicarbonate, when done, Oh my Oh my - it smell so terrible it goes straight to the garbage bin. I stopped and wait for another two weeks, then not to surrender, I made the 3rd recipe called Char Siew Pau Hongkong Style (again??) It calls for starter dough to be proved overnight up to 14 hours then mixed to the Skin dough (another set of ingredients) shape each piece into a ball, place the filling, steamed for 10 minutes, VIOLAAAA? PERFECT so white, so fluffy and yummm, the price of being patient. T can give the recipe, try it, play with it as your instinct tells you.

Frances Edith del Prado

Hi sorry for all the mistakes I didn't go over it before sending ha ha.

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