• Dumplings are humble and homey. They make people smile. I have loved them since childhood, and this site focuses on cooking and finding the tastiest morsels. It's also the companion to my cookbook, Asian Dumplings.

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When I first came to this country, I actually learned about Asian dumpling wrappers from a Taiwanese lady before I knew about the factory made wrappers (Yes, it was decades ago). She could roll out dumpling skins very fast. I suppose practice makes perfect.

BTW, did you see the Vietnamese in Prague segment in Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation?


Excellent video! I made your dough recipe the other day and it was sooo much better than the one I was using before for wrappers. So much easier to handle the dough! I'll never go back!

Next adventure will be bao!

Andrea Nguyen

Sage -- Thanks for reporting back on your experience. You totally made my day!

Tuty -- Last year I had some pictures sent to me of Viet markets in Prague. It's really cool. Thanks for letting me know that Bourdain did that.


Very much enjoy your website and your book. I haven't yet found the moment to do the wrapper from scratch but the time is coming! Many thanks for your excellent instructions. You are a very clear teacher.

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